Civil Drug-Related Lawsuits

According to Legal Dictionary, “A Civil Lawsuit is a legal process by which a person or entity can hold another person or entity liable for some wrong, injury, or damage”, “If the party who filed the lawsuit is successful in court, the other party may be ordered to pay monetary damages, or he may gain some other advantage”, and a Civil Lawsuit is “A non-criminal court case involving a dispute between private parties, businesses, or entities [including Governmental Agencies], and seeking payment for damages or an order for a party to perform certain duties and obligations.”

Moreover, Legal Dictionary explains that “a Civil Lawsuit is a judicial proceeding that arises when an individual or entity files a petition seeking payment from another individual or entity for some wrong” and “In general, the party filing the lawsuit (the ‘Plaintiff’) claims that another person or entity (the ‘Defendant’) is legally responsible for some type of damages caused by the Defendant’s wrongful acts”.

As such, Legal Dictionary illustrates that “Civil Lawsuits can be brought for many types of situations, such as contract disputes, evictions, Injuries [and Wrongful Death] sustained through Negligence or Recklessness, and unpaid debts” and “When a person files a Civil Lawsuit, a civil trial takes place in which a judge or jury decides whether the Defendant wronged the Plaintiff and whether damages should be awarded.”

The cause of Personal Injuries, Wrongful Deaths, or other harms is often a result of Negligence, Recklessness, and/or Intentional Acts (commonly referred to as Intentional Torts such as, but not limited to, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Assault, Battery, False Imprisonment (kidnapping), Fraud, Theft (Conversion), and Trespass) but also may comprise Violations of an Individual’s Constitutional Rights.

Notably, Drug-Related Personal Injuries, Wrongful Deaths, or other Harms caused by Violations of an Individual’s Constitutional Rights often involve activities of Criminals, Informants, and/or Law Enforcement and Governmental Agencies or can be related to the undertakings of Private Entities such as production and distribution of highly addictive Opioids and Opiates by the Pharmaceutical Industry or unregulated manufacture and distribution of Marijuana (which may contain adulterants and contaminants) and paraphernalia which are easily accessible and available to the public in many states for consumption.   

As it relates to Drug-Related Civil Lawsuits, Kendal Johnson (since 2012) has been retained as a Drug Trafficking Expert (including Expertise in DEA Training, Policies, and Guidelines as well as Law Enforcement Tactical Raid and Arrest Operations) in at least 11 independent Civil Causes of Action relative to Wrongful Death and Personal Injuries stemming from Negligence, Intentional Torts, and other Harms resulting from Violations of Individual’s Constitutional Rights.  Specifically, Kendal Johnson was retained in numerous Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) cases (Negligence and Intentional Torts committed by Federal Employees), Bivens Actions (Constitutional Torts committed by Federal Employees), and 42 U.S.C. 1983 Lawsuits (Constitutional Torts committed by State or Local Government Employees).